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Auto theft is all too common. Many times, it is almost impossible to trace your car or assets once they have been stolen, which is why having some way to know the location of your vehicle and assets at all times can be the difference between finding your car and buying a replacement. Our GPS tracker can allow you to track the location of your vehicle and assets anywhere they go, so take a look at our reviews of the top GPS tracker especially for cars.

Introducing the Cheerfect-220

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Cheerfect-220 ™  mini location tracker - Cheerfect
  • 30 second updates

    The Cheerfect-220 gives you. updates it's location every 30 seconds 24-7

  • Remote listening

    Be able to listen to whatever is going on around your tracker

  • Log lasting battery

    The Cheerfect-220 lasts up to 1 week after charging to 100%

  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

    If you are upset with your Cheerfect-220 Mini gps tracker you may replace it with a ew one at anytime

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I travel a lot and i love using the Cheerfect-220 to track my assets and valuables when i'm on the go.